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What is the significance of the numbers on the metal plate?

There are two sets of numbers on the metal plate on the handle. The left set denotes the number in the edition. The right set is the total number that will be produced in the edition.

How can one prolong the life of their Umbrelli™?

proper folding

store in indirect light – no extreme heat

allow sufficient time to dry umbrella open, indoors
avoid strong winds

Is there a story behind the pictures on the interiors of the Ciro, Domani, and Ride models?

The pictures were taken during travels through Apulia, Italy a few summers ago.

What do you recommend for repairs?

For maintenance and repairs we can recommend the services of a highly regarded workshop in New York that services high end umbrellas or the craftsmen in Italy who produce Umbrelli™.

Simply provide us with a picture and description of the issue and we will provide you with a quote and repair time.